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Cancellation Policy

Attendance & Cancellation Policy

In order to maximize the client’s progress, it is critical that he/she attend all scheduled sessions. Arriving late or missing appointments impairs the client’s ability to progress, disrupts staff schedules, limits other clients’ abilities to get appointments and may affect agency coverage. It is import that we maximize appointments due to therapy costs.

Please note the following:

  1. If you must cancel an appointment, please call the office at 512-930-7625 24 hours or more in advance.
  2. All cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment will result in a $25 cancellation fee billed on the following month’s statement. Agencies will not pay these charges, so families need to be prepared to pay out of pocket.
  3. If you do not call and do not come for your appointment time, you will be charged a $25 No Show fee which will be billed in the following month’s statement.
  4. Three cancellations in a row OR five cancellations per fiscal year could result in the loss of your scheduled appointment time and/or scholarship. Fees may be waived with a Doctor’s written excuse.
  5. R.O.C.K.’s schedule leaves little to no room for scheduling make-up lessons. Therefore, cancellations will have no guarantee that a make-up lesson can be scheduled.
  6. If you are returning after an injury or hospital stay, you must have a note from the doctor to return to R.O.C.K. services.

Weather Policy

  1. If temperature + humidity is over 150 or if temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, ground lessons will be administered to work towards the Client’s goals and objectives.
  2. R.O.C.K. will cancel classes in the event of a Georgetown ISD school cancellation or if there is a national weather service warning for Williamson County.
  3. In the event of a session cancellation due to inclement weather, R.O.C.K. will notify the Client or the Client’s representative.  Please make sure that R.O.C.K. has a current phone number and email for notification purpose.