Meet the Herd

  • Buddy

    I’m a cute, sweet boy with a great personality. I’ll check out your pockets for treats and I love to go, go, go!

    Sponsored by: Emily and Glenn Befort

  • Belle

    I am a very skilled girl who loves my job. I enjoy helping riders learn to canter and am very patient with them.

    Sponsored by: Rebecca Jenkins,  Col. & Mrs. Raymond Liddy

  • Oakey

    I am very reassuring to my riders. I am also very playful and like almost all toys. When nobody’s looking, I like to help Scooter take off his fly mask!

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Kaylah McCord and Britney Lee

    Donated by Keith & Tress Pearce

    Breed: Quarter Horse

    Birth Year: 2001

    Color: Sorrel

    Sex: Gelding

    Height: 15.1 Hands

  • Miss Piggy

    I have been at ROCK for a while and am good at helping students build strength. I am very intuitive—I pick up on a person’s mood & thoughts. Also, you may call me Princess if you wish.

    She is an intuitive beauty we are lucky to partner with.

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Peggy Wichmann, Robert and Sarah Weiss

    Previous Experience: Miss Piggy has experience in English Pleasure. Currently she works predominately in our Hippotherapy program with small children.

    Donated by: Mathew Maas

    Breed: Quarter Pony

    Birth Year: 1991

    Color: Bay

    Sex: Mare

    Height:13.2 Hands

  • Cash

    “Joy’s Petty Cash” 

    I am an all-around guy…used for many different riders. I do well at helping riders become independent and teaching new horse handlers.

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club member T.J. Luebs

    Donated by: Patricia Figures

    Breed: Quarter Horse

    Birth Year: 1999

    Color: Bay

    Sex: Gelding

    Height: 16 Hands

  • Sherrie

    Even though I am stout, I am a girly girl. I have beautiful eyelashes and am called “Sher Bear” because I’m so cuddly. I am a superstar with the Horses for Heroes Program.
    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Shawn & Jeff Maurice and Beth St. Paul

    Donated by: Kelly Boesen

    Breed: Belgian Draft

    Birth Year: 1995

    Sex: Mare

    Height: 15.2 Hands

  • Peggy Sue

    “Bettes Acres Peggy Sue”

    As the ROCK mascot, I have been all over visiting schools, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. I am sweet & sassy. I am very patient when working with wheelchair-bound clients. I stand still so they can groom and love on me.

    Sponsored by: Needs a Sponsor!

    Donated By: Patrice Campbell in November 2002

    Breed: Miniature

    Birth Year: 2002

    Color: Dun

    Sex: Mare

    Height: 40″

  • Shandy

    “Los Trigos Shandy”

    I have been at ROCK the longest. I am strong and steady and love to be praised. I am patient — even when kids might be afraid. I also won Region 8 Horse of the Year!

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members The DiMare Family and Robert LeCour

    Donated by: JoAnna Larson

    Breed: Norwegian Fjord

    Birth Year:1993

    Color: Kiger Dun

    Height:13.3 Hands