Meet the Herd

  • Scooter

    “Enhanced Scotch”

    I am favorite of both clients and horse handlers. I do really well with independent riders. I like playing with my buddies; I can even play fetch and tug-of-war. I love napping after feeding time.

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Sunny & Bob Ernst and Sandy Wilkens

    Donated by:  Elisa Martinez

    Age: 2005

    Height: 15.1 Hands

  • Tarra

    I am an all-around girl. I have a long, flowing mane (you should see it braided) and I love to be pampered & told how beautiful I am. Little girls love me.

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club member John & Carole Jebens, and Olivia Teets

    Dontated by Jodi and McKenna Dove

    Breed: Arabian/Welsh cross

    Birth Year: 1992

    Color: Chestnut

    Sex: Mare

    Height: 12.5 Hands

  • Traveler

    “Grey Dames Hope”

    I am very calm and patient. My motto is “let me help you.” I am very unique, and due to breathing problems, have a tracheotomy. I can blow my own bubbles without a wand!

    Sponsored by:  Bo & Dee Grimshaw

    Donated by: Nancy Applebe

    Breed: Throughbred

    Birth Year: 1994

    Color: Grey

    Sex: Gelding

    Height: 16 Hands


  • Sonny

    I am the head honcho of the gelding’s field, but underneath my serious face is a teddy bear. I am a favorite with veterans because of my size and I am very intuitive. I am there for my riders…a complete ROCK to help them through.

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Haley Teets, Kathy and Gary Kelley

    Donated by: Patti Colbert

    Breed: Quarter Horse

    Birth Year: 1998

    Color: Sorrel

    Sex: Gelding

    Height: 16.3 Hands


  • Shimmer

    “Marjac’s Shimmering Moon”

    I may be the littlest one at ROCK, but that doesn’t mean that I am short on attitude! I am a sassy little guy who helps many children and even travels as a ROCK mascot!

    Sponsored by: Horseshoe Club members Debbie and Van Chandler, Bart and Patty Lee, JC and Dede Connor, Glenda and Ken Hunt

    Donated By: Tom Brehnan

    Breed: Miniature

    Birth Year: 1999

    Color: Silver Dapple

    Sex: Gelding

    Height: 29″