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“If I had not experienced it firsthand it would be hard to imagine just how much impact being at ROCK has had on my recovery from a stroke. It would not be an exaggeration to describe the process as life-changing.”
Mark Creaney, Veteran

“I was here when ROCK first started and it is amazing where it has come from and where it is going. Being here is awe-inspiring and right now, I need that for me — for my fight with cancer and for how I contribute to the future for ROCK.”
Mandy M., Volunteer

“Our wonderful ROCK family has lifted my son and my entire family up for 8 years now. We are so blessed by all of you -those in the dirt with us every week and those that make sure ROCK continues to move forward every day.”
Dorothy O’Neal, Parent

“I’ve been involved with R.O.C.K. since 2005 and have witnessed first-hand the benefits that partnering with a horse brings to so many of our clients. Tears turn to laughter, fears turn to confidence and life skills are learned that carry beyond the arena.”
Susan McCrickard, Volunteer

“Why would Barbara and I donate a piece of land to R.O.C.K.? Well, the answer is simple – miracles happen there. Miracles happen not only with the students, but also with the volunteers and with the staff and with the horses.”
George and Barbara Brightwell, Land Donors and supporters since 1998

“The equine programs in GISD with horses have provided a wealth of non-traditional multi-sensory activities to the disabled students of Georgetown ISD.”
Stephanie Blanck, Georgetown ISD Special Education Director

“You can’t help but fall in love with ROCK the minute you step foot on the beautiful piece of land that it sits on in Georgetown Texas. There’s a peace that you will feel at ROCK, combined with a knowing that God is there, assisting the staff, the horses and the volunteers that are totally dedicated to providing exceptional service to all the students, young and old, who are blessed with participating in Equestrian Therapy at ROCK.  You can see the smiles on the faces of the students as they mount their horses for their session. And the smiles of the parents, who know their children are getting the best possible therapeutic care. You’ll also see volunteers who are busy preparing the horses for each session, brushing and saddling up.  And dedicated horses who somehow know each student, as they stand perfectly still while a student is mounting. When our students are riding, there’s a tenderness in each horse as they gently walk around the arena during each class. The horses and the volunteers have walked thousands of miles in the ROCK arena, and it’s worth every step, to bring hope and happiness to our precious students.”

Debi Higdon
ROCK Board Member & Voluntee